Sauces & Spreads


Family Pride and "Taking the inside out"

Puglia has traditionally been a land of great home-made cooking. Every household has their "chef", recipes handed down from mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, to the next generation.  These artisanal home-made recipes have been for many years the bedrock of the great Pugliese cuisine, a simple, healthy, flavorful and delicious diet. Today this is referred to as "The Mediterranean Diet".


At Masseria Ghietta our objective is to bring these home-made recipes "out of the house" and directly onto your table. Each one of our sauces and spreads is the result of locally grown vegetables which have been prepared just like a mother would for her children using only the best and finest of ingredients. We hope you will enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them. We are very proud of what we make ... Welcome to our family.